How to get to Tolo

Travel from Athens Airport (or Athens) to Tolo - 150km

By car from Athens Airport to Tolo

If you rent a car at the airport, it's easy to find the way to Tolo. From the airport you drive directly onto the motorway and follow the signs first to Elefsina, then Corinth, and exit the highway on the exit of Ancient Nemea and Nafplio. After that, follow the signs to Nafplio. Cross the villages Midea and Argoliko and you will reach a crossroad which says "Epidavros" to the left. After a few kilometers, you will see signs that lead you straight to Tolo without having to cross Nafplio. The road is generally very good, except for a short distance between Corinth and Nafplio which is fairly narrow and winding. Calculate 1,5h if you keep the speed limit. And you do, don’t you?

By car from Athens to Tolo

The same applies if you start from Athens. Enter the National Road then take the Attiki Odos Highway exit towards Elefsina, then Corinth, and finally exit the highway at the exit of Ancient Nemea and Nafplio. After than, just follow the instructions above.

By bus from Athens to Tolo

You can take a bus from Terminal A to Stathmos Kiffisos in Athens and from there another bus to Nafplio. From Nafplio, you can either take a 10’ taxi to Tolo, or a bus which has many throughout the day.Bus number X93 runs from just outside El. Venizelos airport's arrival hall to Stathmos Kiffisos. Buy tickets at the airport before entering. The trip lasts somewhere between a half and one hour, depending on traffic. Price approx 5 Euros. If you’re already in Athens, bus No. 051 from the intersection Zinonos and Menandrou Streets, south of Omonia, will bring you to Stathmos Kiffisos. Taxi from the centre normally costs between 5 and 10 Euros, depending on where the taxi picks you up. Stathmos Kiffisos is a major bus terminal. Find the sign that says Nafplio / Argolida, and buy your tickets there. The buses go hourly on the half hour from morning to evening (some exceptions). The journey takes two to two hours and 20 min., going via Corinth / Isthmos and Argos. Nafplio is the terminus. Price approx. 13 Euros. Discount if buying return ticket tour.

By bus from Tolo to Athens

From Tolo, you should find a way to Nafplio, either by taxi or by bus, and from there take the bus to Athens. Please note that the bus from Nafplio to Athens stops at Eleonas metro station (blue line) before it continues to Stathmos Kiffisos. From Eleonas the metro will take you to the centre, then continue to the airport. This will usually be a faster solution than to travel by bus till the airport. Just make sure you get on the right train, not all of them run all the way to the airport. The metro takes about 45 minutes to the airport, and departs twice every hour. You must buy a ticket in the machine at the station (8 euros in 2018). The metro runs significantly more often to the center, and costs under 2 euros.

By taxi from Athens to Tolo

The simplest is to get the hotel you will stay in Tolo to pre-book a taxi for you, or contact greek-taxi.gr. A taxi trip costs approximately 160 euros, and lasts a bit over one and a half hour.

By train from Athens to Tolo

The train doesn’t go directly to Tolo. But it is possible to take the "Proastiakos" train from the airport to Corinth and hire a taxi from there to Tolo. This way, it will be cheaper to take a train to Corinth and taxi from there, than to use a taxi all the way from the airport. Ask the hotel you are staying in Tolo to book a taxi for you.

Transport in Argolis

From Nafplio there are buses to various places in Argolis, check the KTEL page for details. But in our opinion, renting a car is the cost efficient way to move around Argolida, taking into account the fuss in public transportation in Greece.

Travel from Nafplio to Tolo - 11km

    By Taxi:

    A taxi seems to be the easiest way to go to Tolo. It takes about 15’ and should cost about 12euros.

    By Bus:

    The cheapest way to Tolo is by bus. The bus for Tolo leaves every hour from morning to night. Nafplio bus station (+30) 27520 27323