About us

PanExpeditions, a newly founded business, consisted of an ever-growing team with more than 10 years of experience in the great outdoors and much passion for everything that comes with it, specialised in different areas such as coaching, tour guiding, event-planning and much more. With knowledge and thorough background in Wilderness Living Skills (Bushcraft), we aim to change the perception and awareness on wildlife and the environment, by sharing our knowledge and providing experiences on how to thrive in nature in all sorts of conditions.

We are based in the first capital of modern Greece, after the Greek revolution of 1821, Nafplio, and offer a range of outdoor activities at sea, forests and mountains, Ifrom lti-day expeditions/tours, in the Agro-Saronic Gulf and the area of Agrolida - Peloponnese. We are specialised in all kinds of expeditions with Sea Kayaks, 4x4, mountain bikes or on foot, to manage and reach the unspoiled, pristine places, Greece has to offer. All our guided tours and expeditions are enriched with wilderness living skills, experiential learning activities, providing unforgettable experiences and useful knowledge. Most tours are also enriched with historical and mythological stories. Our mission is to ensure absolute customer satisfaction, in rain or shine, with the philosophy that it’s never about the actual destination, but the journey.

Education and Training Sources of our Team

  • University Of Kent
  • LSE
  • British Canoeing
  • WMT
  • Bushcraft Expeditions
  • Woodsmoke
  • Basecamp
  • Natural Pathways

Why PanExpeditions?



All our guides are experts on their field, certified and knowledgable, to offer an amazing experience.

 customer service

Customer Service

We are very confident we offer the highest quality customer service, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.



All our tours are enriched with historical and mythological knowledge that only locals know about, in this rich in history piece of land.


Work Ethics & Philosophy

We make a priority to operate responsibly, towards the local community, the environment and of course our customers, offering an experiential learning activity.


Wilderness Living Skills

Our guides are experts in Wilderness Living Skills (bushcraft) with extensive knowledge on the natural environment, willing to share all of nature’s secrets.



Safety is of outmost importance to us and make sure we follow every guideline globally known organisations impose on their members (British Canoe, Wilderness Medical Training, Adventure Travel Trade Association etc).