Meet the team


Owner and Head Leader

Hi Everyone, I am Alex. I have lived in the UK for 8 years where I studied and worked, while training in the art of Wilderness Living Skills, also known as Bushcraft. Coming back to my home country, I used my new acquired skills to find all the secrets this beautiful land has to offer. Rafting or sea kayaking in turquoise colored waters, climbing to the top of Greece’s highest peaks, wild camping in forests full of wildlife and rare plants, or even trekking through famous and hidden paths, all full of history, mythology and culture, made me fall in love with the beauty of this land once again. I look forward to reliving this feeling through your experience and guiding you through the famous and secret richness of this country, whatever your purpose.

panexpeditions guide

Training & Certifications:

  • BA Honors Business Administration at University of Kent at Canterbury UK
  • 4 Star Sea Kayak Leader certified by British Canoe
  • Far From Help 1st Aid certified by Wilderness Medical Training
  • Foundation Safety and Rescue Training by British Canoe
  • Wilderness Living Skills (Bushcraft)
  • Bushcraft and Wilderness Survival Skills
  • Expedition Skills
  • Wildlife Tracking
  • Bushcraft Knife and Axe craft
  • Wild Food and Plant Identification
  • Navigation
  • Camp and Expedition Cooking
  • Mountaineering
  • 4x4 Driving Skills and more..

Interests: Woodworking, Leatherwork, snowboarding, fishing, hiking, climbing, swimming, rafting, kayaking, wild camping, growing vegetables, 4×4 driving, mountain bike, travelling, cameraman, video production, martial arts, cooking



Hello, my name is Panagiotis. Born in Athens, from an early age, I have been in love with the sea and water sports, which led me to swimming in contests and championships. Due to my origins from the province, I had the opportunity to explore several areas of my country, enjoying its beauty through hiking or climbing. While studying Engineering, my next steps led me in becoming a Martial Arts athlete and a personal trainer, which made me focus on the physicality of the human body, working with people to develop their body health and strength. When I learned that Alex was involved in kayaking I saw that as an opportunity to combine the two, the outdoor exploration and water-sports with physicality and athleticism. Greece is a country who's natural wealth is unrivalled, but believe me there is no better way to discover and observe its beauty from the view through the sea and through kayaking. When Alex proposed me to work together, I had the opportunity to develop on this great sport which combines my love for the sea with outdoor activities. So now, I'm working for PanExpeditions as a Sea Kayak and Outdoor guide, and I am eager to share with you everything I know.

Training & Certifications:

  • Certified as a Sea Kayak Leader by British Canoeing
  • 1st Aid Certified by Red Cross
  • BA Honors in Engineering
  • Black Belt in Martial Arts (MMA)
  • Personal Trainier
  • Expedition Trained by PanExpeditions