7 Day - Sea Kayak Wild Odyssey

  • Location: Argo-Saronic Gulf
  • Price: 980€ (Discounts are available upon request by groups, big families or returning customers)
  • Participants: 2 to 10
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7 Day - Sea Kayak Wild Odyssey




Some experience in sea kayak is required


7 days and 6 nights


Sleeping in tents or simply under the stars


Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all cooked on the beach, provided by PanExpeditions


20km - 11nm

The Experience

This expedition is our ultimate Greek experience, using our kayaks as our vehicle to reach the unspoiled and pristine areas this land has to offer. We combine our amazing coastline and wild beauty, beautiful deep blue and turquoise coloured waters, with places of great historical importance.

Peloponnese played the most crucial role for the success of the Greek Revolution in 1821, and the areas we visit have seen great battles. As our “fleet” moves around the Argo-Saronic Gulf, you will learn how Greeks managed to create a country of their own after 400 years of slavery.

During this expedition we will visit 3 islands, including numerous smaller and more remote ones, as well as countless points of interest which will keep our interest growing. Throughout our expedition, our guides will be by your side to share with you whatever knowledge you seek, from sea kayaking skills, leadership and coaching skills, as well as plenty of practical or theoretical knowledge of Wilderness Living Skills.

We are certain this expedition would be an adventure that will stick with you for a long time.


  • Remote islands with stunning beaches and hidden coves
  • Ancient Sunken City
  • Volcano of the Peloponnese
  • Islands and points of interest full of history and myths
  • Bathing in Hot Springs
  • Picturesque - Mediterranean ports
  • Medieval Fortresses
  • Wilderness Experience

Operation Details

Our meeting point is at Athens, where a transportation would be organised to take us to our launching point. After we give you all the equipment necessary for the expedition, and after our briefing, our Odyssey will start.

Our personal equipment will be stored in our own kayaks, and the group equipment will be divided amongst the group. Please make an effort, not to bring a huge amount of gear, as the more equipment we have, the heavier the kayaks are going to be.

All meals would be provided by us, breakfast, lunch and dinner, cooked on the beach. During our re-supply stops, people are more than welcome to buy whatever they need for the rest of the adventure, as well as eating at a tavern, when the group wishes it, all together as a group, or individually. These meals are not provided by us.

Please make sure you have your personal camping gear with you, to ensure a happy night sleeping under the stars. Extra camping gear can be provided by us, at an extra cost. Feel free to ask us any questions on gear.


  • Single or double Sea Kayaks and all equipment (buoyancy aid, spray deck, paddle)
  • Friendly English speaking guides certified as:
    • "4 Star Sea Kayak Leader” by British Canoeing
    • “Foundamental Safety & Rescue Training” by British Canoeing
    • “First Aid Far From Help" certified by Wilderness Medical Training
  • Cooking and eating equipment
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and refreshments are all provided by us
  • We also take waterproof cameras, including a GoPro to capture the trip and will send the photos to you at a later date
  • Sea Kayak handling/safety briefing
  • Big dry bags for your necessities
  • Snorkelling Equipment
  • 1st Aid and Sea Kayak safety equipment carried by your guides
  • Personal Insurance

What to bring


Tent or bivi bag or tarp

sleeping bag

Sleeping bag & mat




Hat & sunglasses


Water shoes


Bathing suit






T-shirt, long sleeve top or Lycra shirt

warm clothes

Warm clothes for the chilly nights


Enthusiasm and smiles

Expedition Dates 2018

To be announced