Remote Islands Tour

  • Location: Tolo
  • Duration: 4h Total - 1,5h of relaxed pace paddling
  • Price: 70€ (Discounts are available upon request by groups, big families or returning customers)
  • Participants: 2 to 14
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Remote Islands Tour


Very Easy


All ages and experience levels


10:00 am / 14:00 pm



The Experience

Our Remote Islands Tour is the ideal tour if you want to escape the crowded and touristic beach of Tolo. Starting from the picturesque port, we aim to encircle 3 remote islands.

The main remote island, called Romvi, also known as Aphroditi’s island in myhtology, is considered an archeological site, with rare birds and plants which beautify the area, and last but not least a Medieval Fort built right at its peak. The waters around those islands are crystal clear and take its beautiful colours from its white sand sea bed. The narrow passage between the mainland and the island looks like a passage from a pirate novel, which happens to be actually true, as the island has been used as a lair of pirates in the past. It is full of folklore stories which we are eager to share with you as we paddle. The beach at the bay of the island is our main lunch stop at which you will be able to explore the island, snorkel, play games, sunbathe, or simply admire the view, eating homemade traditional delicacies and listening to our stories.

The two smaller islands have small Mediterranean chapels, accessible on foot, in which important archeological artefacts have been found from the Byzantine times. We can visit both of them and why not try some cliff jumping from the steep rocks.

How to get here from Athens

How to get here from Nafplio


  • Visiting 3 Remote Islands
  • Medieval Fortress
  • Mediterranean Chapels
  • Archeological Site Island


  • Single or double Sea Kayaks and all equipment (buoyancy aid, spray deck, paddle)
  • Friendly English speaking guides certified as:
    • "4 Star Sea Kayak Leader” by British Canoeing
    • “Foundamental Safety & Rescue Training” by British Canoeing
    • “First Aid Far From Help" certified by Wilderness Medical Training
  • Sea Kayak handling/safety briefing
  • Homemade Cooked Traditional meal and refreshments
  • Expedition style shade shelter during our relaxing periods
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Big dry bag for your necessities
  • Photos and videos sent at a later date
  • GoPro Camera provided for your use
  • 1st Aid and Sea Kayak safety equipment carried by your guides

What to bring


Hat & sunglasses




Bathing suit




T-shirt, long sleeve top or Lycra shirt


Water Shoes


Enthusiasm and smiles