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Sea Kayak in the Argo-Saronic Gulf

Choose one of our tours and live an unforgettable experience
Our top tours
Medieval castles tour nafplio

Medieval Castles
Nafplio Tour

  • Nafplio
  • 4h Total
  • 70€
  • 2 to 14

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ancient sunken city sea kayak tour

Ancient Sunken
City Tour

  • New Epidavros Port
  • 6h Total
  • 90€
  • 2 to 14

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Wild Argolida sea kayak tour

Wild Argolida

  • Porto Heli
  • 6h Total
  • 90€
  • 2 to 14

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We are a small team with a passion in the great Outdoors and everything that comes with it. With experience in Wilderness Living Skills (bushcraft), we aim to offer experiences that would change the way you perceive the natural environment, by showing you how thriving in nature is a combination of knowledge, equipment and the state of the mind.
nauplio greece
We organize tours in multiple points!

Sea Kayak in the
Argo-saronic Gulf

We offer many different tours, from Half Day / Sunset Tours, full day tours, to multi day expeditions, or even tailor-made programs depending on preference. We have chosen specific locations which vary depending on whether you are looking for a historical experience, a wilderness experience, or a combination of the two.

Why PanExpeditions?



All our guides are experts on their field, certified and knowledgable, to offer an amazing experience.

 customer service

Customer Service

We are very confident we offer the highest quality customer service, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.



All our tours are enriched with historical and mythological knowledge that only locals know about, in this rich in history piece of land.


Work Ethics & Philosophy

We make a priority to operate responsibly, towards the local community, the environment and of course our customers, offering an experiential learning activity.


Wilderness Living Skills

Our guides are experts in Wilderness Living Skills (bushcraft) with extensive knowledge on the natural environment, willing to share all of nature’s secrets.



Safety is of outmost importance to us and make sure we follow every guideline globally known organisations impose on their members (British Canoe, Wilderness Medical Training, Adventure Travel Trade Association etc).

Trip Advisor - What they say about us

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Guide Alex was friendly, relaxed and knowledgable. He was keen to share his enthusiasm and love of the surrounds. The experience was wonderful- kayaked into little inlets and a small cave, visited beaches and watched a fabulous sunset. Would absolutely recommend this trip, magical.

Kast24 Sunset kayak trip
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Alex guided us through the sea and lead us to magical places, places you see only in photos. Truly a unique experience with a fantastic guy. See you next time Alex

Nikolas T Unique Experience
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Amazing experience... As a person who has been coming to the island for years, I feel I got to know it a lot better and in a very different way. Kayaking beach to beach, and discovering the in between, is simply magical.

George Sea Kayaking - Funpedition
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The trip with PanExpeditions was truly amazing. Not only did we visit amazing beaches in a very safe and quick way, but we also had a great time with Alexis. He taught us a few tricks from his vast knowledge of bushcrafting, took us fishing and cooked an amazing meal at the sandy beach of Psili Ammos.
Easiest 5 stars ever, will definitely go again next summer!!

Konos Z More than Sea Kayaking
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What makes PanExpeditions stand out among the crowd is the brains behind the operation - Alexis. Highly qualified, I know first-hand his dedication to mastering his craft, traveling abroad to train and become certified with top instructors. You won't find a more professional guide - and not only in sea kayaking / watersports! His outdoors experience (woodcraft / bushcraft) is notable, and I have spent time with him out camping in the past. Great personality, easy to get on with, and a great instructor. A lot of people say "those who can, do, those who can't, teach." Well, in my experience lots of people can "do", but very few people can actually teach, and Alexis is one of them.
So prepare for a wonderful experience and go in there with a mind like a sponge, because you'll come back with tons of amazing experiences and lots of new knowledge.
Recommended unreservedly.

Jon-PalMG Highly skilled, competent, and personable guide make this an amazing experience